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I have Bats, can you remove them?
No it is Illegal to remove or disturb bats.  For further information Click here

I have Honey Bees, can you remove them?

If the Bees are swarming, Area Pest Control UK ltd can relocate them however they will usually move on. This can take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours. If they are not causing any harm, this will be the best way to deal with them.
We will not kill Honey Bees unless they pose a real threat. If you feel this is the case or need advice on Honey Bees please Contact Us

Q. How much does pest control cost?
A. The cost will depend upon the service you require. Treatment of some pests only requires one visit. wasp nests for example. However with rodents it can take many visits to clear an infestation. Prices are always confirmed and agreed before work starts.

Q. Are you discreet?
A. Yes we are always discreet, offering an unsigned vehicle if required.

Q. Do you provide free quotes?

A. Yes pest control quotes are free.

Q. How long will I have to wait for a visit?
A. We usually visit the same day or within 24 hours of the call.

Q. Are Pesticides safe to use around children and pets?
A. Pesticides can be harmful if they are not used correctly. We will always look at using other methods. In these circumstances, every precaution to ensure your safety will be taken. Risk assessments are carried out before a treatment takes place.

Q. Will you visit on evenings and weekends?
A. Yes we will come out on an evening and weekend and even a bank holiday with no extra charge.

Q. Would you be able to offer a contract service for my business?
A. Area Pest Control UK Ltd can offer a contract tailored to your needs.

Q. Could you leave me with extra Chemicals/Bait so I can use them in the future?
A. No, the chemicals we use are only supplied to trained pest control technicians and cannot be supplied to the general public. As they are dangerous to use without training.

Q.I have had treatment carried out by another pest controller, but none of the treatments have worked. Can you help?
A. We are constantly updating our training, so there is a good chance that we will be able to help. The pest controller you have used previously, may not have been aware of new treatments which are available.

Q. Where are you based?
A. ApcUK Ltd is based in the Bedford area and covers Bedfordshire, Buckingham and Hertfordshire. However, if you are looking for specialised service please do not hesitate to contact us as we will happily travel to meet your requirements.

Q. What pests can you treat?
A. ApcUK Ltd can provide an extremely effective treatment for a wide range of pests including Rats, Mice, Ants, Bedbugs, Flies, Wasps and Cockroaches, in fact all crawling and flying Insects and Vermin.  
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        Area Pest Control UK Ltd Jargon Buster

A pest infestation is most people's worst nightmare. Area Pest Control UK Ltd will come to your rescue and eliminate unwanted visitors from your home, garden or business. Here is a quick guide on some of the terms used in pest control.

Action threshold
When the level of pests and damage to property is considered to be exceeding tolerable levels and therefore requiring pest control action.

Biological pesticide
A chemical, derived from plants, fungi or bacteria that are used for pest control.

Chemical pesticide
Man-made chemicals that are used to kill pests.

Common household pests
The most common household pests include:
Ants, wasps, bed-bugs, mice, rats, carpet beetles, dust mites, fleas, flies,  mealworm beetle, silverfish, woodlice, mosquitoes and woodworm.

Electronic control
Pest control companies use a range of electronic pest-control devices to deter pests.

A pest control method in which the pesticide is used as a vapour, gas or smoke to control or kill pests.

Discarded waste that could provide shelter for pests, such as clutter, piles of newspapers, cardboard boxes and general rubbish.

A pesticide used to kill or control plants or weeds.

The presence of pests in large numbers.

A pesticide used to control and/or kill insects.

Key pest
An insect, rodent or mite, that frequently results in damage and the need for pest control.

Lethal dose
(LD)  Lethal Dose is a term used to express the amount of a substance that will produce the required extermination within a given time frame  (usually 24 hours).

Regular surveying, ongoing inspections and trapping to determine types and levels of pests.

Organic pest control
With the increasing number of people looking for an environmentally friendly approach, pest control companies offer a range of natural pest control solutions.

Pest control
Pest control refers to the regulation or management of an organism defined as a pest—usually so defined because it is believed harmful to people's health or environment.
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